About Us

La Béni stands for “The Blessed“ and the name was inspired from our first collection Walk With Faith. Designed to uplift your spirit, encourage your heart and remind you to move forward in faith. La Béni jewelry is made to be worn with love.

I started La Béni as a creative outlet. My vision is to offer versatile jewelry pieces that you will love and live in daily. Each new collection will have a story behind its creation and a value to the consumer by uplifting, inspiring and engaging our community.

I put my aspirations for a career in marketing on hold after giving birth to my child and instead I channeled my drive and creative energy into starting a jewelry business. I quickly realized that finding good quality non-tarnish unique jewelry pieces that won't break the bank was hard to find, that’s why I made it my mission to make affordable quality jewelry more accessible. 

I want anyone who wears La Béni to feel confident and empowered. I hope you enjoy this jewelry as much as I enjoy offering them to you.

Thank you for your support!